Test Bank

Everything You Needed To Know About Test Bank

Test bank is simply an educational electronic manual that come as a supplement to a certain taught textbook. It contains an array of questions in addition to the correct answers that the authors of the textbook have developed. The material presented in the test bank will naturally be dictated in line with the study major and field. However, in the basic scheme of things, a test bank usually includes the following questions:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. True/false
  3. Fill in the blank
  4. Matching
  5. Short questions
  6. Essay questions

What Format and File Type Will A Test Bank Be Available In?

Whatever the software you are using, you will be able to use Test Bank that is available in an array of formats such as:

  1. DOC
  2. DOCX
  3. RTF
  4. PDF

Why Should Students Consider Using Test Banks?

Bear in mind that test banks contain all the potential questions besides their correct answers. Studying test banks help students better understand the material; it enables the students to comprehend the content and consequently pass the test.  In sum, advantages of Test Banks for students are:

  1. Improve the student’s comprehension of their textbook.
  2. Decrease the amount of time they spend to cover a topic.
  3. Help them prepare for the exam.
  4. As they become familiar with the type of questions, any stress the students feel will be relieved.
  5. Reviewing the potential questions their instructors may ask in the test.
  6. Helping students improve their grades.

Why Should Teachers Consider Using Test Banks?

Undoubtedly Test Banks have always played a vital role in the development and transformation of teaching and studying methods. They provide teachers with the ability to put tests and exam question with so little time and effort. The process is so easy; as teachers only need to make up their mind concerning the chapters to be included in the test, the number and nature of questions, as well as the test difficulty level.  

Advantages of Test Banks for teachers:

  1. Help them save effort and time when creating tests and exams.
  2. Obtain access to a database of professional questions along with their corresponding answers.
  3. Determine the type of test questions.
  4. Decide on the test difficulty level based on the students’ familiarity of the topic.
  5. Devote more time to the teaching process.

Test Bank vs. Solutions Manual: What’s The Difference?

In case you still ponder over the difference between a solution manual and a test bank, let me enlighten you. Being a supplemental manual, a test bank provides you with all the exam questions, tests, quizzes as well as their answers. It is that kind of manual that makes it easy for instructors to create tests and helps students to prepare for the exam.

A bit similar to the test bank, a solutions manual comes as a supplement to textbooks; hence it provides accurate answers to problems, questions and case studies found inside the textbooks themselves. The importance of solution manuals lies in helping students to completely understand what the material in the textbook and to compare the results they get with the right ones. In this way, students can know where they went wrong.

Can you use a test bank and a solution manual together? Absolutely! This will certainly help people to better understand the subject they are studying.

Understanding Test Bank and Its Learning Management Systems

Private textbook-publishing companies strive to provide different learning management systems in order to meet the needs of both instructors and students. Such systems consist of various important tools and features; all of which are available on the Internet. For instance, Test Bank provides instructors with an easy option; that is the import ability, which allows them to import Test Bank files into their online examination systems.

Once the files are imported to the system, the instructor can make use of the information in the database in order to prepare the exams. It will be facile for them to develop quizzes and tests online or print them out. In case tests are created online, then students can do them directly and receive their grades right away.

For the benefit of students, instructors frequently offer to do practice tests via the system. Referring to such practice exams enables students to prepare for upcoming exams, understand tough details of the study material and eventually perform better in school.

Following are examples of widely used systems:

  1. Blackboard
  2. Canvas
  3. Cognero
  4. ConnectEDU
  5. Desire2Learn
  6. Edmodo
  7. Moodle

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